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The Law and You (dental engineer devon, health fix dental chair devon, information pills test autoclave devon)

Smile Maintenance is an expert in meeting the strict legal specifications that are applicable to the Dental sector including:

  • Autoclave quarterly test
  • Autoclave annual test
  • Autoclave Validation
  • Autoclave Commissioning
  • Autoclave servicing

You may already have a service contract for your autoclave, view but this does not always mean that your autoclave is being tested. The schedule for testing is in HTM 01-05 under Section 12 which covers Sterilizers. If you are in any doubt, please call our office 08448 933 923 as the responsibility for testing the sterlizer is with the purchaser and not the company completing the service contract.

Service and test records for your autoclave need to be kept for the life of your autoclave and beyond (up to 23 years). This will form the permanent record of performance for your autoclave as it is essential to show that the sterilizer performed as it should. Torquay dental engineer, devon dental engineer, dental engineer devon

HTM 01-05 (how to test my autoclave, r o unit, ro unit water quality)

HTM 01-05 forms part of the decontamination requirements for your practice and is just a small part of the regulations that you should be adhering to.

Our sound knowledge and understanding of HTM 01-05 means that we have the facilities to offer seminars and process training on any part of the regulations.

HTM 01-05 is just one example of a wealth of legal surgery requirements within the dental sector.


CQC and HTM 01-05 from your perspective (fix dental chair torbay, fix dental chair devon, fix my dental chair)

“As a Practice Manager for a number of dentists, I know the problems that you have to deal with on a daily basis. When HTM 01-05 made its debut, we all looked at it with some concern and trepidation as the list of requirements being laid down seemed never ending.

Now with CQC adding to the list of protocols and policies that we must have readily to hand at all times, it seems that the job of Practice Manager gets side-lined while you become the policy and protocol author after wading through the mountain of legislation.

Having worked in practices that were passed with flying colours for both Essential Standards and Best Practice for HTM 01-05 I was amazed to see, when I liased closely with the PCTs, as to their interpretation and expectations from the dental team and it is easy to see where mistakes can be made when looking to update your surgery and Sterilization Room.

When it comes to an investment like this, are you sure that you builder is aware of how many sinks you need and the specifications of your work tops and fittings? Does your builder know the signs that you need at each point in the room and does he know where the PPE should be kept?

As the list of legislation and compliance grows ever longer, it is reassuring to know that when you contact Smile Maintenance you can speak to a practice manager who has already dealt with these issues and Smile Maintenance has the experience to help you. When you are building a practice from ‘scratch’ does your architect understand the legislation involved in where your new Xray machine can be fitted and how the design needs to protect your dental team?

It’s the combination of experience across our team that means you only need one number to get a complete solution”.
Elaine Austin, Dental Division

For information about how we ensure that we fulfill each and every legal stipulation, please Contact us